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System introduction
The intelligent warehouse management system is composed of shelves, lighting guidance system and material management system. Complete a series of operations such as material storage, material preparation, low-level warning, material overdue warning, material inventory and other operations through the light on and off, light color, and light flashing.

1. Material classification management

7-inch, 13-inch, box type and other materials with different specifications are stored separately, so that the stock
of materials is neat and orderly, and the utilization
rate of storage is increased by 300%.

2. Intelligent feeding management

Through the server, the material QR code is managed in a unified manner, and the foolproof measures are controlled

for each step of the operation, so that the speed of

discharging is increased by 150%.

3. BOM intelligent ingredients

Import different delivery BOM into the server,

the alarm light indicates the position of the shelf;

the LED light indicates the position of the material,

the LED goes out after the material is taken, and

different colors guide different BOM materials. Multiple BOMs can be taken at the same time, reducing the error rate and increasing the batching speed by 100%.

4. Intelligent material management

The system counts the number of materials

according to the BOM of the materials being issued,

the materials are first-in-first-out, the mantissa is

controlled and processed, and the automatic inventory statistics. Reducing warehouse personnel, reducing manufacturing costs and improving corporate management.

Specification Model
The intelligent warehouse management system has 5 models, namely PTA001-01, PTA001-02, PTA001-03, PTA001-04, PTA001-05. There are differences in appearance. According to the size of the material packaging, it is placed in categories to save the storage space to the maximum.
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